NetCom Tool

Freilich Lab

NetCom - A Tool For Functional Interpretation Of Metagenomic Data

NetCom is a tool for predicting metabolic activities in microbial communities based on network-based interpretation of assembled and annotated metagenomics data. The algorithm takes as input an EdgeR output file that provides information on the differential abundance of enzymatic reactions in two different treatments. Enzymes are classified as associated with Treatment_1, Treatment_2 or not associated. The algorithm generates as output:

For more information please check our publication Tal et al Microorganisms 2021

Data in the example file was taken from metagenomics sequencing of the root environment of wheat (Treatment 1 – 'root') and the more distant soil not under direct effect of the plant (Treatment 2 – 'soil').

Data was taken from Ofek-Lalzar et al, Nature Communication 2014


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